Smash Cash


Smash Cash perfects transaction privacy by separating the on-chain link between recipient and destination wallet. It utilizes a smart contract that accepts BNB, ADA, DOT, XRP, USDT ETH and Matic deposits, which can be withdrawn with a different address.

Is it possible to compromise the protocol and find out information about depositors?

No, Smash Cash is a decentralized protocol based on zero knowledge proofs. Its smart contracts are immutable, have no admins, and the proofs are based on strong cryptography. Only the user possessing the Note is able to link deposit and withdrawal.

Do you collect data?

The Smash Cash project does not collect any user data. The UI is hosted in a decentralized way on IPFS and can be accessed using following links:

Which steps can be taken to ensure the anonymity of participation in the protocol?

The Smash Cash protocol solves only on-chain piece of the privacy. Users also must follow the best practices on our blog to achieve privacy.

Is the code open-source?

What is SMASH contract address for SMASH?

Smash Cash allows you to maintain financial privacy which is essential to preserving your freedoms, However, Sometimes, you may find the need to show the origin of assets held in your widthdraw address, For such an occasion, Swirl has built-in-tools for providing cryptographically verified proof of transactional history using the secret you used to withdraw funds.

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